April 18, 2016


Exocast-1 b , 29th April 2016 – A history of exoplanets; The habitable zone; Lava on 55 Cancri-e?; Kepler-10 b.

Exocast-2 b , 27th May 2016 – Future exoplanet missions; Planets that orbit their stars backwards; News; KIC-1255 b

Exocast-3 b , 1st July 2016 – Killing planets, Transmission Spectroscopy; News; WASP-17 b

Exocast-4 b , 30th July 2016 – Our own Solar System; The Mass/Radius Relationship; News; Kepler-186 f

Exocast-5 b , 26th August 2016 – Looking for biosignatures; Gravitational Microlensing; News; Beta-Pic b

Exocast-6 b , 26th August 2016 – From candidate to exoplanet; Hazes, aerosols and clouds; Proxima Centauri b; HD80606 b

Exocast-7 b , 2nd November 2016 – Social Media Q and A; News; The early Earth’s climate; Kepler-138 d

Exocast-8 b , 2nd December 2016 – The weirdest hypothetical planets; Boyajian’s Star; HD 114762 b

Exocast-9 b , 30th December 2016 – Special guest: Duncan Forgan (SETI Special) – the Drake Eqn; Sci-fi; the end of the world as we know it

Exocast-10 b , 28th January 2017 – The fate of planetary systems – PanCET programme – Earth/”Sol d

Exocast-11 b , 27th Feb 2017 – Trappist-1b to h – The Philosophy of Exoplanets –  News – Trappist-1 h

Exocast-12 b , 8th April 2017 – UK exoplanet meeting – “Just an Arcminute” – News – Kepler-47(AB) c

Exocast-13 b, 28th April 2017Binary systems – Brown dwarfs – News – WASP-12 b

Exocast-14 b, 11th June 2017Atmospheres – Astrobiology – News – HD 189733 b

Exocast-15 b, 6th July 2017Biosignatures – NASA’s TESS mission – News – Kepler-37 b

Exocast-16 b, 8th August 2017 – Extremely large telescopes – ETEO JWST meeting – News – 51 Eridani b

Exocast-17 b, 15th September 2017Origins of Life – GCMs – News – GJ 667 C c

Exocast-18 b, 4th October 2017 Special Guest: Dr Sasha Hinkley (Direct Imaging Special) – HR 8799 b-e

Exocast-19 b, 30th October 2017Origins of Life part 2 – Astro computing – News – Proxima b

Exocast-20 b, December 2017EXOCUP Special

Exocast-21 b, January 2018 – Planet Formation – Habitability of eccentric planets – News – Kepler-21 b

Exocast-22 b, February 2018 – Panspermia – Phase Curves – News – Kepler-167 e

Exocast-23 b, March 2018 – Special Guest: Dr Jayne Birkby (Exoplanet atmospheres in high-resolution) –UK Exoplanet Meeting 2018 – News – Gaia – WTS-2 b

Exocast-24 b, April 2018 –  Special Guest: Dr Rus Belikov (Imaging Alpha Cen) – Scuba diving on alien worlds – News – Ross-128 b

Exocast-25 b, May 2018Special guest: Dr Jessica Spake (escaping hydrogen atmospheres) – the “Shadow Biosphere” – News – 51 Peg b

Exocast-26 b, June 2018Special guest: Dr Natasha Batalha (JWST and PandExo) – Radial velocities – News -HAT-P-26 b.

Exocast-27 b, July 2018Special guest: Dr Michael Gully-Santiago “Gully” (Kepler mission) – Exoplanets II conference – News – HAT-P-11 b.

Exocast-28 b, September 2018Special guest: Dr Daniel Angerhausen (Observing from the stratosphere) – Technosignatures – News – HD 209458 b.

Exocast-29 b, October 2018 – Special guest: Dr Sarah Hörst (planetary atmospheres from the lab) – Exomoons – News – Titan/”Sol g VI” – Exocup2018.

Exocast-30 b, November 2018 – Special guest: Dr Jessie Christiansen (NASA Exoplanet archivist) – ExoCup2018 – News – Adopted planet:”the next one”.

Exocast-31 b, January 2019 – Special guest: Lee Billings (Science writer at Scientific American) – Waterworlds – News – Barnard’s star b

Exocast-32 b, February 2019Special guest: Dr Jo Barstow (researcher on exoplanet atmospheres at UCL) – The solar system from Trappist – News – GJ1132

Exocast-33 b, March 2019Special guest: Dr Jessie Dotson (NASA K2 GO office) – Ice Giants – News – KOI-4 / Kepler-1658b

Exocast-34 b, April 2019 – Special Guest: Dr Raphaëlle Haywood – Isotope Geochronometers – News – COROT-7b

Exocast-35 b, May 2019 – Special Guest: Dr Thomas Haworth – Direct Imaging – News – PDS-70b

Exocast-36 b, June 2019 – Special Guest(s): Interviews from AbSciCon – Spectroscopy 101 – News – Adopted planets from AbSciCon guests

Exocast-37 b, July 2019 – Special Guest(s): Interviews from TESSCon – Planetary Protection 101 – News – LHS 3844b

Exocast-38 b, Aug/Sep 2019 – Exoclimes V voxbox, NASA’s Flagship mission concepts, and exoplanet news including water in the atmosphere of K2-18b

Exocast-39 b, Oct 2019 – Special Guest: Dr Paul Robertson (UCI), the #ExoCup2019 live draw, plus the 2019 Nobel Prize

Exocast-40 b, Nov 2019 – Special Guest: Dr Brett Morris, the #ExoCup2019, plus exoplanet news,  WD 1145+017 b adopted.

Exocast-41 b, Dec 2019 – Special Guest: Dr Erin May, the results of #ExoCup2019, Strange Stars, the exoplanet news, and HD 21749c is adopted.

Exocast-42 b, Feb 2020Detecting exo-Venuses with special guest Prof Stephen Kane
Exocast-42 c, Feb 2020Water across the Universe
Exocast-42 d, Feb 2020Exoplanet news

Exocast-43 b, Mar 2020How TESS finds Exoplanets with special guest Natalia Guerrero
Exocast-43 c, Mar 2020Can we ever visit an exoplanet?
Exocast-43 d, Mar 2020Exoplanet news

Exocast-44 b, Apr 2020Irradiated Brown Dwarfs with special guest Dr Sarah Casewell
Exocast-44 c, Apr 2020Will we ever map the surfaces of exoplanets?
Exocast-44 d, Apr 2020Exoplanet news

Exocast-45 b, May 2020Ice across the universe with special guest Dr Baptiste Journaux
Exocast-45 c, May 2020How many exoplanets are there?
Exocast-45 d, May 2020Exoplanet news

Exocast-46 b, June 2020Featuring Dr Moiya McTier
Exocast-46 d, June 2020Exoplanet News

Exocast-47 b, Nov 2020The #ExoCup2020 Live Draw
Exocast-47 c, Dec 2020#ExoCup2020 – The Summary

Exocast-48 b, Jan 2021What’s the point of the habitable zone?
Exocast-48 c, Jan 2021Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-49 b, Mar 2021Interview with Dr Diana Powell
Exocast-49 c, Mar 2021Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-50 b, Apr 2021Why do we study exoplanets?
Exocast-50 c, Apr 2021Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-51 b, May 2021Interview with Prof Mark Marley

Exocast-52 b, June 2021Why is Venus important for exoplanets?
Exocast-52 c, June 2021Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-53 b, July 2021Interview with JAXA’s Prof Elizabeth Tasker
Exocast-53 c, Aug 2021Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-54 b, Sep 2021Exploring Exoplanets from the Ground
Exocast-54 c, Sep 2021 Monthly exoplanet news

Exocast-55 b, Oct 2021Exocup 2021

Exocast-56 b, Jan 2022Interview with ESA’s Prof Mark McCaughrean about JWST

Exocast-57b, Mar 2022 – Discussion: How big can an exoplanet be?

Exocast-57c, Mar 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-58b, April 2022Interview with planet hunter Dr Meg Schwamb

Exocast-58c, April 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-59b, May 2022 – Discussion: What are planetary atmospheres made of?

Exocast-59c, May 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-60b, June 2022Interview with radial velocity expert Dr Jennifer Burt

Exocast-60c, June 2022Monthly Exoplanet News and the Exoplanet IV conference

Exocast-61b, July 2022 – Discussion: Observation vs Theory, Which one is more important?

Exocast-61c, July 2022Monthly Exoplanet News and JWST Early Release Observations

Exocast-62b, August 2022Interview with Dr Knicole Colón mission scientist for JWST, TESS, Kepler…

Exocast-62c, August 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-63b, September 2022Discussion: How do planets form?

Exocast-63c, September 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-64b, October 2022Interview with Dr Naomi Rowe-Gurney

Exocast-64c, October 2022Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-65b, November 2022Launching #Exocup2022

Exocast-66b, March 2023Interview with Georgina Dransfield

Exocast-66c, March 2023Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-67b, May 2023Catching up with the Exocast team, what do we do for a living?

Exocast-67c, June 2023Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-68b, June 2023Interview with Prof Nikole Lewis

Exocast-68c, July 2023Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-69b, August 2023Surviving scientific conferences

Exocast-70b, October 2023Interview with Dr Max Günther

Exocast-70c, October 2023Monthly Exoplanet News

Exocast-71b, November 2023 – Do all planets have stars?

Exocast-71c, November 2023 – Monthly Exoplanet News – celebrating our 100th episode!!