Exocast-45b: Special Guest Dr Baptiste Journaux

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This month Andrew, Hannah, and Hugh chat with Dr Batiste Journaux (Research Associate in the Department of Earth and Space Science at the University of Washington) about all things icy and the role of different ices in our Solar System and exoplanets. Baptiste is a multidisciplinary scientist whose research spans the lab, fieldwork, and modelling and software development, we talk about how these all fit together to explore alien worlds in our solar system and beyond.

In this episode we learn how you form “hot ice”, the best way to measure ices in the interior of other worlds, and how the properties of different ices can shape another world.

Adopted Planet: TRAPPIST-1g – possible one of the best “ocean worlds” with high pressure ices. Future observations of this world might help us understand more about icy exoplanets. It joins its sibling TRAPPIST-1h in our adopted exoplanet family.

ExoCup2019 Français: Baptiste also translated our ExoCup2019 cards into French. So, for all our French speaking listeners you can find the translated cards here.

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