Exocast-16b: ELTs, JWST, news, 51 Eri b, newly minted Dr Osborn

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You Are Here:Exocast-16b: ELTs, JWST, news, 51 Eri b, newly minted Dr Osborn

In the 16th episode of Exocast:

  • Hugh discusses exoplanet science in the era of extremely large telescopes.
  • Hannah brings us up to speed with the outcomes of the recent James Webb Space Telescope workshop held at the Space Telescope Institute at the beginning of July.
  • Andrew reports on the latest exciting exoplanetary news, including a potential exomoon candidate, some worrying disclosures from the TESS mission, and a possible atmosphere detection around a large terrestrial planet.
  • Hannah adopts the directly-imaged world 51 Eridani b into our exoplanet orphanage, a young, hot, Jupiter-like planet detected by the Gemini Planet Imager.
  • Hugh became an Official Doctor of Space by passing his PhD viva – well done Hugh!

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