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In this month’s news episode Hugh, Hannah, and Andrew each discuss a paper(s) from the past month of exoplanet research including: JWST test data analysis, the oxidation of the Earth, and updates from the study of multi-star systems.

Hannah talks us through one of the first JWST time series papers: Analysis of a JWST NIRSpec Lab Time Series: Characterizing Systematics, Recovering Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy, and Constraining a Noise Floor by Z. Rustamkulov et al. detailing the methods required behind the exciting science results we too often jump to when talking about science.

Andrew presents Oxidative metabolisms catalyzed Earth’s oxygenation by H. Shang et al. which looks at the timing of Earth’s Oxygenation and asks – Why the delay?

Hugh breaks the rules once again to present three papers this month focused on multi-stellar systems with planets: 1) “A Possible Alignment Between the Orbits of Planetary Systems and their Visual Binary Companions” – S. Christian et al. (incl Hugh); 2) “Orbital Architectures of Planet-Hosting Binaries II. Low Mutual Inclinations Between Planetary and Stellar Orbits” – T. J. Dupuy et al.; 3) “Stellar Companions to TESS Objects of Interest: A Test of Planet–Companion Alignment” – A. Behmard et al.

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