Exocast-53b: Interview with Elizabeth Tasker

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You Are Here:Exocast-53b: Interview with Elizabeth Tasker

In this episode the Exocast crew are excited to talk with expert science communicator, JAXA space scientist, and master of computer simulations, Professor Elizabeth Tasker. During the hour long discussion we talk about how Elizabeth transitioned into planetary research from a degree and PhD in galactic simulations, the journey from the UK to the US, Canada and now in Japan. Where the idea for her popular science book The Planet Factory came from and why we should all have contact forms on our websites. Elizabeth also shares some thoughts on teaching, how to convince someone to hire you for a job they have not advertised and the amazing array of JAXA missions she now gets to talk about.

In our Adopt a Planet section Elizabeth welcomes GJ 832 c to the Exocast Adopted Planets list and fills us in on the personal and professional reasons for her choice! Listen to the show for more details.

You can find links to all of Elizabeths videos, books, and research at elizabethtasker.com you can also follow her on Twitter @girlandKat (with a K).

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