September 17, 2018

ExoCup 2018

Welcome to the #ExoCup 2018! It was a tough competition between transiting and non-transiting exoplanets, 16 worlds fighting it out for the top spot in the #ExoCup but there can only be one victor.


emerged the champion of them all!

You can also check out an article on Round 1 written by Kevin Anderton with some beautiful infographics on each of the planets:  The 2018 ExoCup  

Round 1 stars November 5th!

The data for the cards was compiled from a number of sources including: NASA Exoplanet Archive,, Transiting Exoplanet Catalogue (TEPCat), Planetary Habitability Laboratory, and any related journal articles or news stories concerning the individual planets. The constellations were calculated based on RA and Dec using the djm calculator.

The icons were purchased and edited for use in these cards, please feel free to use and share the cards with citation to Exocast (@exo_cast) ©2018.