Exocast-52b: Why is Venus important for exoplanets?

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You Are Here:Exocast-52b: Why is Venus important for exoplanets?

In this episode the Exocast team discuss Earth’s twin planet, Venus, and its link to exoplanetary science.

We start with an overview of the past, present and future of Venusian exploration, from the first Soviet probes to the three newly-selected missions (DAVINCI+, VERITAS and EnVision) which will explore the atmosphere and surface of Venus more thoroughly than ever before. Then we turn to the open questions about Venus – its potential ancient habitability, the lack of plate tectonics, and of course its recently-detected potential biosignatures – all of which link to questions we will soon be asking of terrestrial planets outside our own solar system…

For more discussion of Venus you can check out our interview with Stephen Kane in Exocast-42b, and Exocast-48c where Andrew covers the detection of Phosphine in Venus’ atmosphere.

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