Exocast-50b: Why do we study exoplanets?

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You Are Here:Exocast-50b: Why do we study exoplanets?

In this months discussion Hugh, Hannah, and Andrew discuss the question: Why do we study exoplanets?

The team take a look at their own personal motivation and how they each came study exoplanets, as well as diving into the technological applications of astronomy, and the philosophy behind the big questions in astronomy. Astronomy has been at the root of huge technological advances, from the X-ray machines at the airport, to the development of computer languages, better infrared detectors and advanced observations. Ultimately, should all of the things we do have an economic benefit? We don’t think so. “Blue skies” research asks the big broad question that are seemingly unimportant; why is the sky blue? but are fundamental to life here on Earth and our curiosity about our origin and universe.

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