Exocast-49b: Interview with Diana Powell

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You Are Here:Exocast-49b: Interview with Diana Powell

On this months Exocast the team talks with cloud expert Diana Powell about her work studying the dust in protoplanetary disks through theoretical models of the micro-physics and applying that to clouds in the atmospheres of hot Jupiters. We also chat about her journey into astro, the year of Covid, and her amazing work on mentoring at UCSC.

This month we also welcome back out Adopt a Planet segment with our special guest picking the dust embedded planet CI Tau b in the super young protostellar system.

Diana Powell is a graduate student and Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Department at UC Santa Cruz. You can find her on Twitter @DianaPowell8 and more information on her website as well as and up-to-date list of all her publications

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