Exocast-43 d: Exoplanet news

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You Are Here:Exocast-43 d: Exoplanet news

In the final of three mini-exocasts we will release this month, we cover some of the notable happenings in exoplanet science over the past month.

On this episode we cover new planets from the TESS mission, a novel technique for detecting exoplanets using radio emission, and the end of the very productive KELT survey after 17 years. We also revisit K2-18b, which hit the exoplanet headlines last year after water vapour was definitively detected in its atmosphere, consider iron-based clouds, discuss the possible habitability of Mercury, and get Hannah to spill the beans on her latest paper about the use of a mode on Hubble which has not been used before to measure the UV spectrum of exoplanet atmospheres.

Also this month, check out our chat with Natalia Guerrero from the TESS office at MIT, and our discussion on the topic: ‘will we ever be able to travel to an exoplanet?

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