Exocast-59b: What are planetary atmospheres made of?

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You Are Here:Exocast-59b: What are planetary atmospheres made of?

This month Hugh, Hannah, and Andrew go back to basics to discuss the diversity and complexity inherent in the study of planetary atmospheres. Exocast-59b touches on how we define an atmosphere and takes a sojourn through the varied and beautiful atmospheres of the Solar System, as well as a journey back through time to consider the long evolution of the atmosphere of our planet. How does an atmosphere form and change over time, cling to objects ranging in size from the Moon to Jupiter and beyond, and can it be lost forever to space? Extending beyond the Solar System we consider how astronomers search for and study exoplanet atmospheres and the role of the star in terms of their formation, physics, and chemistry, as well as the importance of the atmosphere for habitability.

Is the atmosphere of the Earth optimal for habitability? Join in the discussion in the comments below, and find us on Twitter. If you want to support the Exocast Podcast you can get merch at exocast.threadless.com, or you can Buy us a Coffee; a huge thank you to Steve Hungsberg and Anton who donated last month! Your contributions are warmly and gratefully received.

Exocast is edited by composer/muscian Fergus Hall (https://fergushallcomposer.com)

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