Exocast-60b: Interview with Dr Jennifer Burt

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You Are Here:Exocast-60b: Interview with Dr Jennifer Burt

In this episode of Exocast the team are fortunate to be joined in the virtual studio by Dr Jennifer Burt, NASA/JPL’s Extreme Precision Radial Velocity Investigation Scientist, for an extreme discussion of the radial velocity technique for finding and characterising exoplanets. Jenn gives us a comprehensive and enthusiastic rundown of the method, US and European RV surveys, supporting current and future photometric missions with RV follow-up, and an update on new technology and instruments that are pushing the limits of radial velocities for exoplanet detection to extremely high precision, including automated planet-finding telescopes.

Of course, Jenn was also tasked with adding a new planet to our Adopted Planets list… listen to the show to find out which one she chose and why. (Spoiler: she discovered it!)

Want to know more about Dr Burt’s work? Check out her website and tweets @astrojennb.

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