Exocast-52c: Exoplanet Paper News & Reviews

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You Are Here:Exocast-52c: Exoplanet Paper News & Reviews

In Exocast-52c Hugh, Andrew, and Hannah take us through three reviews of papers that have been recently published in the planetary/exoplanet literature.

Hugh takes us through the two papers published by the California Legacy Survey I & II:
I. A Catalog of 177 Planets from Precision Radial Velocity Monitoring of 719 Nearby Stars over Three Decades
II. Occurrence of Giant Planets Beyond the Ice line

We also acknowledge the detrimental affect that a particular name on the author list for these papers, a known sexual harasser in the field, had on the community and call to have better policies in place for this to not re-traumatize far too many people in our field.

Andrew talks about The Effect Of Core Formation On Surface Composition And Planetary Habitability

Hannah discussed the paper: A diffuse core in Saturn revealed by ring seismology

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