Exocast-44b: Special Guest Dr Sarah Casewell

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You Are Here:Exocast-44b: Special Guest Dr Sarah Casewell

This month Hannah, Hugh, and Andrew chat with Dr Sarah Casewell about her work on irradiated brown dwarfs. Sarah is an Earnest Rutherford Fellow at the University of Leicester where she has spent her career since undergrad. We chat all things brown dwarfs and what makes the irradiated ones so special to study.

Sarah also shares her journey in academia from PhD, to postdoc, manager, and now fellow, all while becoming a mum (twice). We also manage to grab some pearls of wisdom about what is working in academia, what is not, and how to take it easy on yourself during a global pandemic.

Adopted planet: KELT-1b a brown dwarf mascaraing as an exoplanet. At 27 times the mass of Jupiter it is solidly beyond the traditional planet mass boundary, but it also happens to be in orbit around a star only slightly larger than our sun.

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