Exocast-68c: Latest Exoplanet News

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You Are Here:Exocast-68c: Latest Exoplanet News

Hugh, Hannah, & Andrew discuss a handful of interesting recent exoplanet papers from the past few months. We chat all things Exoclimes VI held in Exeter in June 2023, new discoveries, exciting atmospheres, and haze formation.

Hugh highlights a new discovery of “A temperate Earth-sized planet [LP 791-18 d] with tidal heating transiting an M6 star” by Peterson et al.

Hannah dives into an escaping atmosphere covering “Giant Tidal Tails of Helium Escaping the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-32 b” by Zhang et al.

And finally, Andrew explores “Exoplanet Volatile Carbon Content as a Natural Pathway for Haze Formation” by Bergen et al.

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