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Exocast-1 b

In the inaugural exocast episode:

• Hannah time travels through the history of exoplanets from the ancient greeks to the future;

• Andrew takes a critical look at the habitable zone concept;

• Hugh discusses recent news including the potential detection of a magma ocean on the super-Earth 55-Cancri e;

• and Andrew adopts Kepler-10 b, the first definitively rocky exoplanet found by Kepler, as our planet of the month.

2 thoughts to “Exocast-1 b”

  1. Just found the Exocast. Excited to start listening through your back catalogue! Started my Space Science degree in 1995, so Exoplanets have always held an interest!

    1. Excellent glad you found us. Let us know if there is any topic you want us to cover or if you have any questions about exoplanets we would love to answer them. – Exocast team

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