August 12, 2019

Exocast #TESScon Quiz

In (e.g.) HD 209458b, what does the HD stand for? Henry Draper
According to Mamajek’s law, how many exoplanets will we have discovered in 2031? 100,000
Who said in 1952: "One of the burning questions of astronomy deals with the frequency of planet-like bodies in the galaxy… But how shall we detect them?" Otto Struve
Who found planets around Barnard’s Star… in 1962? Peter van de Kamp
Name a transiting circumbinary planet Kepler-16 / 34 / 35 / 38 / 47 / 453 / 1647 / PH1
Which planet in the Kepler-11 system is largest? Kepler-11 e
Who said: "This space we declare to be infinite… In it are an infinity of worlds of the same kind as our own" in the 16th century? Giordano Bruno
What is the orbital Period of the TESS spacecraft? Between 12.9 and 14.5 days
Name a transiting planet around a Naked-eye star? HR 858 / HD219134 / pi Mensae c / 55 Cancri e
Which planet is "King of TTVs"? KOI-142/Kepler-88
Which Hot Jupiter "arrived 82 seconds early" when viewed by TESS WASP-4b
The phase curves of which planet observed in TESS were studied in Luger et al, 2019? Earth
Which K2-observed hot Jupiter had 2 nearby planet companions? WASP-47b
Name any exoplanetary system with six or more planets. Kepler-90, HD10180, HR8832/HD219134, TRAPPIST-1, Kepler-20/11/80, HD 40307, HD 34445
Name the Teachey & Kipping exomoon candidate host planet? Kepler-1625b
Photometric campaigns followed the 14-hour-long transits of which planet in both 2004 and 2012? Venus
What does the RM in the "RM effect" stand for? Rossiter-McLaughlin
The "Planet Finder Spectrograph" is on which telescope? Magellan
The Lowell Observatory is in which US state Arizona
According to ADS what is the most cited exoplanet paper? Mayor & Queloz, 1995 / 51 Pegasi b
How many cameras will PLATO have? 26 (or 24 normal cameras)
On what date (within 4 days) did TESS launch? 18th April 2018
Who was the PI of Kepler? Bill Borucki
Within 50 sq degs, how big is a TESS camera field of view? 576
Which TRAPPIST-1 planet is largest (in radius) TRAPPIST-1 g
Name a planet detected by GPI/Sphere 51 Eridani b / HIP 65426 b / PDS 70b/c
Which spectral line is at 489nm? Sodium D
Which planet-hosting star move at 10.3 arcseconds per year across the sky? Barnard’s Star
Which of these atoms have we NOT detected in an exoplanet atmosphere: He, Li, Na, Ca, Fe? Ca
What is the (initial) eccentricity of the TESS spacecraft? 0.55
Complete this hot Jupiter name: HD209…? 458 b
In what year was TESS selected by NASA for launch? 2013
What percentage of the sky will TESS have covered by the end of the extended mission? 94%
Complete this hot jupiter name: HD189…? 733 b
Who published the LTT 1445Ab/"Three Red Suns in the Sky" paper? Jennifer Winters
Complete this pulsar planet name: PSR 1257… +12 b/c
Who first published the detection of pi Mensae c? Chelsea Huang
Which of these molecules have we NOT detected in an exoplanet atmosphere: CH4, H2O, CO2, NH3? NH3
Complete this M-dwarf planet name: LHS11… [40 b/c]
In (e.g.) LHS 1132, what does the LHS stand for? Luyten Half-Second
Is the portmanteau "tranet" acceptable? no
What two greek letters are used in asteroseismology to represent the separation between peaks in a fourier spectrum? Delta nu
Name a planet known NOT to transit? Teegarten’s b&c, Proxima b, Barnard’s star b, 51 Peg b, tau Boo b, Any Direct Imaging planet, etc.
Which observatory was the first to detect an exoplanet from an initial transit photometry? OGLE (56b)
Which transit-hunting observatory at Paranal is named after a belgium biscuit? Speculoos
Who’s name is attached to the "evaporation valley"detected in Kepler radii? BJ Fulton