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The Exocast Exoplanet #ExoCup 

Head-to-head fight to the finish. 32 exoplanets go in one becomes the champion!

It was 50-50 right until the end but the twitter gods showed Kepler-10b as the champion.
Kepler-10b takes the ExoCup Championship for 2017.

You can see fun facts about all of our competing exoplanets by checking out the Exocast ExoCup cards.

The #ExoCup Cards:

The data for the cards was compiled from a number of sources including: NASA Exoplanet Archive,, Transiting Exoplanet Catalogue (TEPCat), Planetary Habitability Laboratory, and any related journal articles or news stories concerning the individual planets. The constellations were calculated based on RA and Dec using the djm calculator.

The icons were purchased and edited for use in these cards, please feel free to use and share the cards with citation to Exocast (@exo_cast) ©2017.

In each category the potential nature of planet is represented by the symbols (i.e. rock and ice means terrestrial snowball, three flames means over 1500K, 5 flames means over 2500K.)

You can download a formatted PDF of all the cards and the card back for printing HERE

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