October 26, 2020

ExoCup 2020

The world’s foremost Exoplanet competition is back for a fourth year! #ExoCup2020 will pit 32 exoplanets against each other until one is named the grand champion.

The Table:

The Selection Process

As with 2019, we looked to the astronomical literature to find the majority of our #ExoCup2020 planets – taking the 24 most-mentioned exoplanets over the past year and putting them directly into the first three 8-planet seeding pots. Also like 2019, we limited entry to one planet per system (meaning TRAPPIST-1 requires a special run-off). That left 8 final wild-cards in pot 4, which we hand-picked to include as diverse a field of left-out planets as we could!

The groups were drawn in Exocast-47 b, where we also explained the process.

Exoplanet Fact Cards: