Exocast-46 d: Exoplanet News from May & June 2020

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You Are Here:Exocast-46 d: Exoplanet News from May & June 2020

This month Hannah, Hugh, and Andrew go through the slew of exoplanet papers from discoveries, characterisation, and astrobiology including the following:


  • Buzzword alert! A mini-Neptune and Venus-zone planet in the radius valley orbiting an M2 star has been validated with the Habitable-zone planet finder.
  • Four jovian sized worlds discovered around the low luminosity stars
  • Wendelstein-1b and 2b
  • A habitable-zone planet in Kepler-160?
  • The finally published discovery of AU Mic b
  • Discovery of Gliese 887b & c


  • Ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b got two papers this month. One looking for Cr and V, and the other cataloging an array of metals in its atmosphere.
  • Hubble WFC3 IR grism spectroscopy of the warm Neptune HD 106315c
  • Another search for TiO in the atmosphere of WASP-33b.
  • Hubble PanCET program has a new transmission spectrum out of HAT-P-32b
  • TESS phasecurve observations of the brown dwarf KELT-1b
  • The most likely clouds muting and obscuring molecular features in transmission spectra are composed of magnesium silicates.
  •  3D GCM models to map the formation of hydrocarbon haze in the atmosphere of WASP-43b


  • Mineral dust increases the habitability of terrestrial planets but confounds biomarker detection
  • The Effect Of Varying Atmospheric Pressure Upon Habitability And Biosignatures Of Earth-like Planets
  • Reports from the Goldschmidt conference
  • and… The strangely precise conclusion that there are 36 intelligent civilisations in out galaxy.

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