Exocast-46b: Interview with Moiya McTier

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This month Hugh, Andrew, and Hannah talk to astrophysicist, folklorist, and science communicator Moiya McTier. Moiya is an NSF graduate researcher at Columbia University in New York City and works to understand exoplanets from a galactic perspective.

The Exocast team talks to Moiya about work from measuring the topography on an exoplanet by the effect that mountains and other features have in transit, all the way up to how the stars in the Milky Way are moving and the effects those might have on their planets. The blended approach Moiya takes to science with a look too folklore and the way we perceive our universe gives a new spin to the way we can view and measure exoplanets and our universe. We chat about how to best communicate what astronomy is to others and how to make the right connections.

We also take the opportunity to talk to Moiya about what it is like to be a black woman in the astronomy community. The value of familiarity and shared experience in any field is important and we need to be more aware of ourselves and others to make this field more inclusive. See, think, act.

You can find more by Moiya McTier on YouTube, Twitter @GoAstroMo, and follow Exolore a podcast on world building.

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