Exocast-45d – Exoplanet News: new discoveries, characterisations, and formation research

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You Are Here:Exocast-45d – Exoplanet News: new discoveries, characterisations, and formation research

On Exocast-45d we bring you the news from across exoplanet research this month with new discoveries, characterisations, habitability and formation papers.

  • In America, WFIRST has been renamed the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope in honour to the pioneering “Mother Hubble”, while in Europe the LIFE mission kicked off.
  • We have lots of new exoplanets being discovered (from TESS, NGTS, WASP and RVs), and un-discovered, as was the case for Fomalhaut b.
  • Characterisation studies have also been busy this month with three papers released looking at data on the hot Jupiter WASP-76b, an unusual transmission spectrum for KELT-11b, and the He atmosphere of GJ3470b gets another look from more data.
  • Formation has also been a hot topic and we look at a new paper from pioneers in the field looking to explain the formation of moons around giant planets like Jupiter.
  • And in habitability we delve into a new Bayesian approach to the problem of timelines and probability for the Earth, plus a look at Venus’ habitable past.

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