Exocast-20b: The ExoCup

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In the 20th episode of Exocast we discuss all things #ExoCup

  • What is the ExoCup? How was it conceived? What was the result? Why was it so stressful for the Exocast crew?
  • We take a voxbox from some members of the exoplanet community on their opinions of the ExoCup (inc. Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Dr. Nikole Lewis, Dr. Natalie Batalha, Dr. Abhi Rajan);
  • Andrew reports on the months interesting exoplanetary news that was still churning out planets during the cup;
  • Hannah adopts runner up GJ 1214b into the Exocast family to join winner Kepler-10b.

Big thank you to all who joined us on twitter for the ExoCup and explored 32 alien worlds with us.

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