April 18, 2016


Exocast-1 b , 29th April 2016 – A history of exoplanets; The habitable zone; Lava on 55 Cancri-e?; Kepler-10 b.

Exocast-2 b , 27th May 2016 – Future exoplanet missions; The planets that orbit their stars backwards; News; KIC1255b

Exocast-3 b , 1st July 2016 – Killing planets, Transmission Spectroscopy; News; Wasp-17b

Exocast-4 b , 30th July 2016 – Our own Solar System; The Mass/Radius Relationship; News; Kepler-186f

Exocast-5 b , 26th August 2016 – Looking for biosignatures; Gravitational Microlensing; News; Beta-Pic b

Exocast-6 b , 26th August 2016 – From candidate to exoplanet; Hazes, aerosols and clouds; Proxima Centauri b; HD80606

Exocast-7 b , 2nd November 2016 – Social Media Q and A; News; The early Earth’s climate; Kepler-138d

Exocast-8 b , 2nd December 2016 – The weirdest hypothetical planets; Boyajian’s Star; HD 114762 b

Exocast-9 b , 30th December 2016 – SETI special with expert guest Duncan Forgan – the Drake Eqn; Sci-fi; the end of the world as we know it

Exocast-10 b , 28th January 2017 – The fate of planetary systems – PanCET programme – Earth

Exocast-11 b , 27th Feb 2017 – Trappist-1b to h – The Philosophy of Exoplanets –  News – Trappist-1h

Exocast-12 b , 8th April 2017 – UK exoplanet meeting – Just an Arcminute – News – Kepler-47(AB) c

Exocast-13b, 28th April 2017Binary systems – Brown dwarfs – News – WASP-12b

Exocast-14b, 11th June 2017Atmospheres – Astrobiology – News – HD 189733b

Exocast-15b, 6th July 2017Biosignatures – NASA TESS mission – News – Kepler-37b

Exocast-16b, 8th August 2017 – Extremely large telescopes -ETEO JWST meeting – News – 51 Eridani b

Exocast-17b, 15th September 2017Origins of Life – GCMs – News – GJ 667Cc

Exocast-18b, 4th October 2017Direct Imaging Special with Dr Sasha Hinkley – HR 8799

Exocast-19b, 30th October 2017Origins of Life part 2 – Astro computing – News – Proxima b

Exocast-20b, December 2017EXOCUP Special

Exocast-21b, January 2018 – Planet Formation, Habitability of eccentric planets, News, Kepler-21b

Exocast-22b, February 2018 – Panspermia, Phase Curves, News, Kepler-167e

Exocast-23b, March 2018 – Special Guest: Jayne Birkby, UK Exoplanet Meeting 2018, News, Gaia, WTS-2b

Exocast-24b, April 2018 –  Special Guest: Rus Belikov, Scuba diving on alien worlds, News, Ross-128b

Exocast-25b, May 2018Hugh talks with special guest Jessica Spake about escaping hydrogen atmospheres, Andrew discusses the prospect of a Shadow Biosphere, and Hannah brings in the News, 51 Peg b is the adopted planet of the month.

Exocast-26b, June 2018 – Hannah talks with special guest Natasha Batalha about her development of the PandExo tool, Hugh talks all things radial velocity, Andrew takes us through the news, and we adopt a new planet into our family.

Exocast-27b, July 2018 – Andrew talks with special guest Michael Gully-Santiago “Gully” about the Kepler mission, Hannah takes us through the Exoplanets II conference in Cambridge, and Hugh goes through this months news, and we adopt HAT-P-11b into our Exocast family.

Exocast-28b, September 2018 – Hugh talks with our guest Daniel Angerhausen, Andrew talks all things tech’, and Hannah takes us through the exoplanet news.

Exocast-29b, October 2018 –